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Длительный срок эксплуатации станции-не менее 50лет

The autonomy canalization Topas in Ukraine and Kyiv

LLC “Topas Ukraine” is a certified manufacturer of the biological cleansing stations of wastewater Topas in Ukraine. An autonomous sewage – it is not just a septic tank but technological equipment, which will help to solve a question with the sewage on your sector. By installing our autonomous sewer system, you care for the cleanliness of the environment, since the cleaning efficiency of our plants constitutes to 98%.

LLC “Topas Ukraine” is a certified manufacturer the biological cleansing stations of wastewater in Ukraine.

LLC “Topas Ukraine” guarantees the high quality of materials and products manufactured under our brand!

LLC “Topas Ukraine” guarantees 100% environmental technology and processes used in manufacturing and operation of biological station of water purification plants.

LLC “Topas Ukraine” firstly is a high quality production. We aim at maximum openness and provide the best conditions for everyone!

Our advantages over other firms in Ukraine

Unlike many companies that involved in selling and installation of autonomous sewage in Ukraine, we have our own production, which if you wish, can visit and make sure of the quality of our product. Our firm produces some stations, which conform to all high demands and standards. The local sewage Topas is certified completely. The optimal combination of price and quality is able to meet the needs of any client. We are located in the city Vasilkov, Kyiv region. 

The main activity of the company is implementation the project for cleaning domestic wastewater on such objects (cottages, private houses, cafes, restaurants, motels, hotels, recreation centers, boarding houses, sports facilities, office premises, gas stations, etc.).

The system of the sewage is a pretty serious choice, so for the solving this question you should spend a lot of time. The right choice of the autonomous sewage will help to keep your budget and nerves (a price comparison for the cleansing facilities). For the house, you should tuck up a sewage for the specific specially set task and features. We will be happy to help you to solve the present question. Our consultants will help you to tuck up an optimal solution of an installation of autonomous sewage in a private or country house.

Why should you choose the autonomous sewage Topas?

  • Topas station is mounted in the ground of any type – in so doing there is not any necessity for an additional waterproofing or concreting of the pit. 
  • Autonomous sewage Topas can work fully without some problems in any temperature conditions and if necessary, you can preserve the station for winter. 
  • The cleaning efficiency of our plants constitutes to 98% that will not bring harm for the environment.
  • A wide range of models and catholicity allow you to choose the right parameters for both private country houses and cottages, and for industrial facilities.
  • The term of operation reaches 50 years.
  • Autonomous sewage Topas guarantees the absence of noise and smell!
  • The price corresponds to the high product quality.

  • In addition, we supply the equipment for the cleansing of industrial waste from the food industry (dairy, meat processing, fish, confectionery, etc.) and centralized sewage cleansing plants (village, village, town and city sewage cleansing plants) of various volumes.

    For our clients we propose the wide range of local cleansing facilities Topas and as complex cleansing facilities Flexidiblok as well, for the most comfortable existence in those places where there is no possibility of connection to the central sewage system. If you need the sewage system in a private home or for a summer residence, please contact us. Before to buy the autonomous sewage Topas for the house you should consult with us for the selection necessary model of a station. We guarantee an individual approach to the needs of each client.

Why should you choose the autonomous sewage Topas?

The station of autonomous sewage Topas our production have a number of advantages over other stations, septic and cesspools, one such advantage is the presence of a sand filter. If you need a septic for the house, you should pay attention to our equipment.

Examples of installing the station on the site:

The installation of an autonomous sewerage system for a private house is a very important process in construction and you should think over and do it above all things because it influences on stacking of other communication systems.

We install cleaning station Topas in cottages or country houses also. Despite the seasonal use of the station, there will not be unpleasant smell from it that can spoil your rest and cleaned water after an autonomous sewage Topas you can accumulate in a separate reservoir and use for watering.

 We made our sewage cleansing facilities for the cottage based on the technology where we can use biological cleansing of wastewater. We select the stations on an individual basis for each client. We made all constituent sewage units exclusively from high-strength and corrosion resistant materials.

If you build a house, a cottage or any other construction and you have no possibility to connect to the centralized sewage system – contact us, and you guaranteed to get answers to all the questions, which you are interested in. specialists of our company will select the station, which will solve the problem on your object for many years. To buy the autonomous sewage in Kyiv or on the territory of Ukraine has never been so easy.

Any questions?