Topas Ukraine

Benefits of LWTP TOPAS

 1.  We produce all components of the treatment plant according to the European Union standard. 

LLC “Topas Ukraine” – is the only official and certified manufacturer of TOPAS stations in Ukraine using advanced Czech technologies. Autonomous sewage “Topas” is certified both in Ukraine and in Europe.   

 2. The compactness

Local treatment facilities Topas have quite small overall dimensions – this will help you to save space on the plot for other useful buildings or ornamental plantings.

3. No unpleasant smell

Setting LWTP “Topas”, you eliminate appearance of odor nuisance, because technology of SBR (Sequencing batch reactor) eliminates rotting processes.

4. Reliability 

We make the corps of local sewage treatment plants of “Topas” from the ultra-strong and easy panels Paneltim. Due to the used material the term of exploitation of equipment makes 50 more than, and the corps of setting “Topas” is resilient to different various kinds to deformations and corrosions. It is similarly needed to mark that LWTP “Topas” has receiving chamber (equalize capacity) that can accept certain salvo discharge on the other hand from various similar LWTP.

5. Easy operation and maintenance

In order to maintain the autonomous sewage “Topaz” there is no need to call a truck for sewage removal. The user of the “Topas” independently can pump out the spent silt from the special “silt collector” chamber using a fecal pump.

6. High quality of purified water

Parameters of purified water coming out of local treatment facilities “Topas” meet all the necessary standards and requirements of legislation of Ukraine and the EU. Given the high efficiency of wastewater treatment (up to 98%), it is possible to use purified water – for irrigation, car washing, discharge into a pond or on a relief. It is worth noting that in Sweden people successfully use “Topas” where environmental standards are the most stringent as we know.

7. Low maintenance

The cost of operation consists of the cost of electricity and the cost of removing excess silt, which is a small amount.

8. Individual approach

Ltd “Topas Ukraine” not only manufactures and sells local “Topas” sewage treatment plants, but also helps each client to choose the plant correctly from the model range, and to place it on the site as efficiently as possible. For the installing Topas it is unnecessary to pour concrete bases or pre-install concrete rings (in which others LWTPs fall) all you need is to dig out the pit and lower the equipment there.

9. Service maintenance

If you need to make a service, and you do not want or cannot do it yourself, then you can always contact the customer service LLC “Topas Ukraine” – qualified specialists will conduct the service at a convenient time for you.

The differences of local treatment facilities Topas from competitors

ProductionUkraineRussia, Europe
TechnologySBR (Sequencing batch reactor)Less efficient technologies
ExperienceIn the market since 2004A pair of companies limited to 10 years of experience
CertificatesCertificate EU №282 411 «TOPOL WATER», Ukrainian certificateAbsent
Where is an exploitationUkraine, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, France, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Latvia, Croatia, Iraq, Iran, Romania, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Equatorial GuineaUkraine, Russia
Body materialPolypropylene Paneltim panel thickness 35-50mmSheet polypropylene with a thickness of 10-20 mm
CompressorHiblow / Secoh – Japanese productionChinese compressors
Installation FeaturesAbsentThe need to pour concrete base for the entire range of equipment
Service maintenanceSeveral times a yearAt least 4 times a year
Self servicePretty simpleHard enough because of incomprehensible designs and technologies.

Step right up to the choice with mind – do not overpay for inefficient equipment. Contact us, and the Topas wastewater treatment plants will ensure ecological cleanliness and comfortable living in your country house.

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