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Topas biological wastewater treatment system

Currently, not many cottage villages, and even more detached private houses have the opportunity to connect to a centralized sewage treatment system. In the absence of proper cleaning, the wastewater gradually seeps to your well or the borehole, which in turn carries a risk to the health of the whole family and the ecology of the environment. We made special wastewater treatment plants to solve the problem of lack of sewage. Now, the best way to solve this problem is to install a system of biological wastewater treatment, which is based on maintaining the efficiency of aerobic bacteria with a constant flow of air into the system. The above what we described method of biological wastewater treatment is used in the work of the local sewage treatment plant of Topas Automatic.

Systems of sewage treatment Topas Automatic

  1. Initially, the sewage flows through the supply pipe to the installation into the accumulation chamber (receiving-chamber). In this compartment, it cleans wastewater from large impurities with a mechanical filter.
  2. Next, the pre-treated wastewaters are fed by airlift (air pump) to the reactor (aeration tank), where aerobic bacteria dissolve the organic compounds. Upholding process follows after this, as a result of which activated sludge settles to the bottom, , and the purified water enters the unit’s output or additionally passes through a sand filter that is located in the body of the Topas Automatic wastewater treatment plant. In this case, the formed excess sludge it pumps out into a separate chamber, from which it must remove when it is filling.
  3. Today, we offer customers the installation of a system of deep biological wastewater treatment from the Topas Automatic model range, which are capable of providing processing from one m3 / day to 240 m3 / day. You can see and buy the Topas biological treatment station in Kyiv and Ukraine on our website.

Biological wastewater treatment system Topas – advantages

  • The wastewater treatment system can establish in various types of soil and retain their performance in a variety of climatic conditions. It is also worth noting that the Topas Automatic biological wastewater treatment plant occupies a minimum of space on your site.
  •  Strength. For the production of cleaning plants, we use high-strength panels – Paneltim, 50 mm thick, which allows us to provide a service life of about 50 years. By using the panels Paneltim, the biological wastewater treatment plant of the Tapas has sufficient thermal insulation and strength characteristics, is resistant to the effects of various types of corrosion, also mechanical effects of the soil.
  • Cleaning efficiency
  • Installations of biological sewage treatment Topas Automatic if there is a sand filter in the composition provide 98% cleaning efficiency, which satisfies all the requirements of environmental protection authorities.
  • Convenience of operation.
  • During operation, sewage treatment plants of domestic wastewater are particularly convenient and practical, as they do not need constant user intervention, are silent and do not have an unpleasant smell. Biological sewage treatment with the Topas Automatic installations does not require constant operating costs and saves you from the constant calls of the sewage disposal vehicle. At the exit of the installation you will receive purified water, which has the status of technical and reuse for economic purposes (for example, watering) or dumps into the drainage

 If you need high-quality biological wastewater treatment – the Topas biological treatment system is the solution to all your problems. To buy the Topas Automatic biological wastewater treatment system, you just need to contact us at the numbers specified in the Contacts section, or request a call back.

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