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Flexidiblok – is a complex wastewater treatment plant with two or more SBR reactors (activation tanks) with alternate operation, which has a rough pretreatment (grids or drum sieve) and sludge collector. A central computer runs controls the work of the facility, a computer optimizes its operation depending on the quantity and quality of wastewater. We usually offer Flexidiblok for volumes from 500EZH (equivalent residents), which corresponds to 75 m3 / day, and the upper limit is not limited. The control unit allows remote data transmission and full remote control.


Wastewater enters the coarse pretreatment tank, where it remove sand settles and other coarse impurities and debris on mechanical grates. The pretreated water enters the distribution tank, where there are two electrovalves; one for each is from the SBR reactors. Upon completion of the filling of the reactor, biological purification begins in it — activation, which provides biological (partial) removal of phosphorus, nitrogen and organic pollution. After activation, sedimentation of sludge begins in the reactor, then pumping of pure water through the sand filter and pumping of excess sludge into the sludge tank begins. After this cycle, the cleaning ends and the reactor is prepared for the next cycle, both reactors are operating in turn. Wastewater treatment technology allows for a very high degree of purification. Depending on the amount of incoming water, the computer automatically optimizes the operation of the system in a wide range of 5–200% of the design capacity. With small tributaries in the system remains the amount of purified water that is necessary to ensure optimal conditions for biological processes. Simultaneously automatically decreases electricity consumption depending on the reduction of incoming wastewater. With increased the volume of wastewater, the cleaning cycle is decreasing so that before filling one of the two reactors, the other one is already empty. In the interval of the programmed minimum and maximum values ​​of individual parameters, the station responds immediately to the hydraulic load.

FLEXIDIBLOK 200 m3/day

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