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Stations of deep biological sewage cleansing Topas

Stations of biological wastewater cleansing TOPAS Automatic is the latest development, presented in the markets of Ukraine, the European Union and the CIS.  Automatic autonomous sewage Topas is intendants for the cleansing of domestic sewage from individual sources of pollution, such as private houses, manufactures, campgrounds, sanatoriums, rest homes, hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations, cafes, summer cottages, etc. At the design of the station, we were using many years of experience in clean-up of wastewater and production of previous models known in Ukraine, in the EU and the Russian Federation under the trademark Topas. The construction and technology that we used in this station two European patents protect (EP) and one international patent (PCT), their action extends to the territory of Ukraine and Russia. Biological cleansing facilities for wastewater Topas Automatic surpass all known wastewater-cleansing plants. Cleaning of drains with the help from Topas station is the best what you can find for solving stock problems.

Model range of deep biological cleansing stations Topas Automatic allows cleaning drains up to 210 m3 / day. 

Work of autonomy sewage bases on the alternation of deep biological cleansing with the process of fine bubble aeration for the oxidation of sewage. The process of a bioremediation consists in biochemical demolition by microorganisms the organic matter. Wastewater loses its tendency to rot, becomes transparent, bacterial contamination declines significantly. At the exit from the system, we get technical water and silt that can serve as a great fertilizer.

Stations of deep biological wastewater cleansing TOPAS Automatic guaranteed to remain in working condition for up to 3 months, even without an income of wastewater to the installation.

Thus, there is no need to produce the conservation of wastewater treatment plant.

Topas – the best wastewater treatment plants.

The case of wastewater treatment plants Topas Automatic is made of polypropylene, which guarantees a long service life of the installation.

Biological cleaning station Topas Automatic has several advantages:

  • complete automation the process wastewater treatment;
  • the long service life;
  • lack of smell;
  • the sand filter, providing 98% purification;
  • a safety for the environment;
  • an installation in any types of soil;
  • rejection of the sewage truck;
  • purified water you can use for irrigation;
  • the stabilized active silt you can use as a fertilizer;

Sand filter – is the main difference from other biological treatment stations represented on the markets of Ukraine, Europe and the CIS. European and Ukrainian patent protect the design and technology of automatic sand filter cleaning.

The presence of a sand filter in the technology process of purification – it is tertiary step of cleaning which allows reaching a real 98% wastewater treatment.

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