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Local wastewater treatment plants for the cottages and the private homes in Ukraine

A sewage treatment plant for a private house is a modern solution to problems with the construction of sewage systems. People most often use local treatment facilities Topas at the cottage, in cottage towns, private country houses. Topas Automatic stations are autonomous treatment facilities that provide high-quality biological wastewater treatment by decomposing organic matter, which also solves the problem of recycling organic waste. We, as an official manufacturer, offer you to buy local wastewater treatment plants for the private home of TOPAS Automatic, which will help you to forget about the problems associated with recycling of the management, their removal from sumps or cesspools. 

Our production is located in the suburbs of Kiev, in Vasilkov, and when you buy the treatment plant TOPAS Automatic, we are pleased to invite you to us to inspect the equipment. All stations made by us pass hydraulic tests and equipment testing under tension; receive serial numbers, which are reflected in technical passports.

Local treatment facilities TOPAS – ADVANTAGES

The local treatment facilities TOPAS Automatic are a single design, the hull of which we made of high-quality Paneltim polypropylene panels that can withstand a wide variety of loads. In case of compliance with all instructions and operating rules, the service life of the treatment plant can be more than 50 years.

Why local treatment facilities from TOPAS Ukraine?

  • If you are worried about the quality of the water and the safety of the environment in your area, then the local sewage treatment plant for summer cottages or a country house TOPAS Automatic is the best choice! This equipment allows achieving the efficiency of wastewater treatment up to 98% using a unique sand filter. We well thought out and implemented the process of domestic wastewater that after the filtration process, at the exit from the station, water has a technical status and you can use for watering or draining into the ground. Also due to the design and leak tightness of the hull, the probability of untreated sewage entering the environment is almost zero.
  • Having established the local treatment facilities of TOPAS, you will forget about the calls of the sewage disposal vehicle, since it process and divide all wastewater into purified water and excess sludge, which you can pump out independently and use as fertilizer for the lawn. 
  • TOPAS Automatic wastewater treatment plants you can install in all types of soils, as they have a sealed, self-supporting body. It also allows do not worry about the reliable and efficient operation of the cleaning station in the winter period at a sufficiently low temperature.
  • Local treatment facilities of TOPAS Automatic are quite convenient and easy to maintain. All maintenance work described in the technical passport to the station, so that any user, if desired, can carry out maintenance on their own or contact our company and order the departure of the service team.
  • Local stations, wastewater treatment systems TOPAS Automatic, produced by our company, comply with the registered technical conditions, and are protection by certificates of state sanitary and epidemiological expertise.
  • Local wastewater treatment plants Topas – the price matches the quality.

A wide range of treatment facilities TOPAS Automatic allows you to choose the station for private houses, cottages, villas, and for cottage villages, hotels, cafes, restaurants, residences, gas stations, office centers, boarding houses, etc. Prices for treatment facilities of TOPAS Automatic you can find on our website or contact the contact phone number of the manager. To buy the treatment plant TOPAS in Ukraine is the best way to solve the sewage problem at the facility and at the same time take care of the cleanliness of our environment.

If you need an autonomous treatment plant for country houses - contact us!

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