Topas Ukraine

Whether all are stations of TOPAS the same?

Wastewater treatment plants TOPAS head the list of leaders of sewage treatment plants in many European countries. Given the process and quality of wastewater treatment, this is not surprising. However, the variation of prices seemingly to the same stations Topas is very significant in different companies. What does the price at TOPAS station depend on and what do the manufacturers guide by? 

Of course, many things depend on the place of assembly of the station, on the materials and the technology itself.  LLC Topas Ukraine is a certified manufacturer of Topas stations in Ukraine. We offer two basic equipment stations: Topas Classic and Topas Automatic.

Topas Classic are the stations that you can find and see with our competitors.

Topas Automatic is the third generation of stations. The process of wastewater treatment is no different from the process in Topas Classic. However, there are significant differences in the implementation of technology. Wastewater enters the receiving chamber, from where we pump it into the reactor by airlifts. In the reactor is the process of biological treatment. There is no secondary clarifier in Topas Automatic. Next, a special device (decanter) enters the work, which selects the already purified water from under the surface layer of the reactor and sends it further to the sand filter or directly to the water outlet, depending on the configuration. During the reverse phase, the sand filter we blew with air and we removed all dirty water with floating particles by airlift into the receiving chamber. A special electronic unit Bonnel control the whole process of cleaning and operation of the station. Thanks to the control unit Bonnel, depending on the hydraulic load of the station, we automatically adjust this performance. If the load on the station is small, the computer transfers it to the economy mode (50-70%), and if the drains stop flowing within three days, then the energy-saving (stand-by) mode is inserted. In this mode, the station consumes very little electricity and can maintain up to three months of operation, while the biomass does not die. This allows even in case of prolonged absences in the winter period, to abandon the station conservation. Management of the station depending on the hydraulic load allows you to control more accurately the phases of the station, as nitrification, denitrification, sedimentation, biological treatment in the reactor and airlifts pumping clean and dirty water. Significantly reduced load on the electric valves and compressor, which allows extending their service life.  Each client can choose the model of the station that meets all his needs. Prices for the entire range of stations that we produce you can see in the price list.

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