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The autonomous sewage for the COUNTRY HOUSE

The autonomy canalization Topas – it is an effective and reliable solution for private sector homes, country and country estates, where the connection to the central sewage system is impossible. Many consumers have already appreciated the presented system and characterize it from the best side. However, what it represents?

Septic Topas for the cottage is the system of the accumulation and wastewater treatment resulting in surface is displayed purified water that has a technical status.

A model range of the septics Topas is very wide that allows you to choose the optimal product that rationally and effectively solves the problem of wastewater treatment in the country. Autonomous sewage in the cottage will solve all your problems with drains.

What is an autonomous sewage for the COUNTRY HOUSE Topas?

The local treatment facilities for the cottage, which we made from high-strength panels Paneltim and inside the corps, placed a compressor compartment and other technological equipment. Such production technology allows achieving the following device parameters:

  1. High strength.
  2. Installation of the system when exposed to different climatic conditions.
  3. The stable efficiency system during the winter period.
  4. Installation in various types of soil, regardless of the groundwater level.

What is an autonomous sewage for the COUNTRY HOUSE Topas?

  • A high level of water purification – up to 98%.
  • A sand filter (optional).
  • There is no need to challenge the sewage sucking machines.
  •  Long service life.
  • Small overall dimensions that allows establishing a septic on the minimum space.
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Excess silt accumulated as a result of processing which we can use as fertilizer for lawn.
  • We can store and use purified water for watering or washing the machine.
  • No noise and unpleasant smell.
  • Absolute tightness of the structure.

Working principle of the system Topas for the COUNTRY HOUSE

 We can divide the principle of operation of autonomous sewage into several stages:

  1. Sewage wastewater are received to the reception chamber, where is their mechanical cleaning of large and heavy impurities. After filling the chamber to a certain level, the wastewater it pump into the SBR rector (aeration tank).
  2. In the SBR rector, wastewater are subject to aeration as a result, it treat sewage with oxygen and special bacteria.
  3. Purified wastewater accumulates in the sump from where subsequently silt siphons off that is at a low point.
  4. Technical water goes into stabilizer, from where it can reuse.

Each septic for the COUNTRY HOUSE Topas

Has a passport in which the work of the product is described in detail, also the detailed instructions for use, but it will not be superfluous to mention some rules that must be observed:

  1. Sewage effluents enter the receiving chamber, where they mechanically clean themselves of large and heavy impurities. After filling the chamber to a certain level, it pump the wastewater into the SBR-reactor (aeration tank).
  2. In the SBR rector, it aerate drains, resulting in it treat sewage with oxygen and special bacteria.
  3. Purified effluents accumulate in the sump, from which subsequently it pump out silt, settling at the bottom.
  4. The process water passes to the stabilizer, where we can reuse it.

Installation of an active septic Topas

When you choose a septic Topas should consider the following factors:

  • the number of potentially served users
  • depth of sewer pipe (out of the house)
  • a method release of the worked  effluent – forced or free

  Choosing a septic for the cottage, pay attention to the station Topas, because any model septic tank will serve for a long time, subject to the rules of operation and installation. If you want to buy a septic for the cottage – contact us, and we will provide competently and quickly services for the selection and installation of a septic tank for your country house.

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