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The autonomous sewage for a country private house, cottage

When you buy or build a country house, the question always arises, how do it right with the removal of sewage? The easiest way would be to connect to a centralized sewer system, but what if there is no such possibility? The best solution will be an individual sewage system for a country house. In this case local wastewater treatment plants for a private house you can use for sewage treatment, which can divide into three types:

  1. A cesspit is the easiest way to dispose of waste in the area.

    Advantages of cesspits:

    – Simplicity of design;

    – Low cost of work and building materials;

    – Easy and fast installation


   – The need to call the sewage truck;

   – Soil contamination – the need to create a new pit;

   – Unpleasant smell;

                   2. Anaerobic septic tanks – sewage treatment plants for a private house, which additionally need to clean using filter drainage. Septic tank for private homes – this is the easiest, but the least effective way to clean sewage.

Septic tank for a private house has the following disadvantages:

    – Unpleasant smell;

    – The need to call the sewage truck;

    – Low cleaning efficiency;

    – Necessity of arrangement of filtration field after septic 

The autonomous sewage for a country private house, cottage

Autonomous sewage of a country house is a Tapas wastewater treatment plant, in which intensive biological wastewater treatment using aerobic bacteria is technologically organized.  How does the autonomous sewage system Topas work for the private house? 

  • drains from the house enter the receiving chamber, where it clean they of large impurities;
  • in the reactor under the influence of bacteria that have fallen into the station with the natural products of human activity, the decomposition of organic substances occurs
  • the next compartment is the process of settling – the separation of activated sludge and clean water
  • in the presence of a sand filter, purified it pass water through it and fed to the exit

Among the advantages of autonomous sewage, the Topas should highlight the cleaning efficiency (up to 98%), unpretentiousness of soil types on the site, small overall dimensions, ease of installation.  If you are looking for the sewage system of a turnkey private house, the Tapas wastewater treatment plant together with the Graf drainage system is the most rational option.

The autonomous sewage for a country private house, cottage

  1. Sewage project for a country house. Selection of a station that will ensure the processing of the estimated amount of wastewater. Linking the station to the terrain, the location of pipelines, taking into account the types of soil, groundwater level, topography and location of drinking water wells.
  2. Performing land works – digging a pit for a station and trenches for pipes
  3. Setting the station in the pit and installation of pipelines.
  4. Backfilling of the sinuses of the excavation and trenches with pipes with sand
  5. Carrying out commissioning works at the installed station.

Rules for the selection and installation of individual sewage Topas

  •  For the correct selection of the Topas station, you need to know the planned number of people, which will live in the house and not forget about the guests, too. However, more precisely, the installation of the Topas you should select by volume being processed wastewater. This parameter you can take from the calculations for water consumption from the organization that makes the project for you. Also but not least, characteristic of the selection of the station is a salvo discharge – the volume of waste, which one-time can take the receiving chamber of the station.

    Special attention you should pay to the pipeline. For the correct operation of the Topas station for a private country house, it is necessary that the supply pipeline is not deeper than the maximum entry mark into the station. However, at the same time you should observe a slope of the pipeline towards the sewage treatment plant – 1.5 – 2% on each meter. To place the station on the site as much as possible avoiding turns of the highway. However, if, there are turns of the pipeline, you should equip in these places so-called rotary wells. 

    It is also obligatory to have a vent tower for ventilation of the sewage system. We recommend  install a septic tank for a private house at a distance of at least 5 meters from the house and 30 meters from the wells (sources of drinking water). In the case of the installation of the Topas sewage station, the distance to the house can to reduce, since the station body is hermetic completely and does not harm the environment. If you are planning to buy a septic for a country house, this is one of the very good reasons for not doing this. Do you need a quality sewage system for a private house? Contact Topas Ukraine and our specialists will help you to choose Topas station for comfortable and carefree living.

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