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What is better - autonomous sewage, septic or a cesspool?

It is 21st century, in fashion is coziness, comfort and automation and not all people agree to use the “amenities on the street”. It is not so easy to choose a suitable type of sewage, the level of comfort of living in your country house depends on the quality and efficiency of one type or another. At the same time, there are not so many options, namely: unpressurized cesspool, pressurized septic or autonomous sewage system. That to evaluate correctly all the necessary costs, you need to take into account not only the cost of equipment, but also the work. Next, we consider the service life of sewage treatment plants. So people with thoughts about prospects choose autonomous sewage since the service life of the biological treatment station is more than 50 years, the cesspool, in turn, will work no more than 5 years, and the septic tank will not work more than 10. Conclusion? Autonomous sewers have great future.


Now let’s go to the amounts. From the presented table №1, it is obvious that the cesspool will cost the least of all, and the most costly will be the installation of an autonomous sewage system. However, at the same time, one should not forget about such important characteristics as the efficiency of wastewater treatment and the service life of sewage treatment plants. For comparison, the cleaning efficiency of cesspools – 30-40%, septic tanks – no more than 60%, and in the autonomous sewage “Topas” – up to 98%. It is also worth noting that an unpleasant smell will emanate from the pit and the septic tank, and when using the Topas station smell non-existents.  

The local sewage treatment plant Topas we made of heavy-duty and lightweight Paneltim panels, which simplifies transportation and installation of equipment. Due to the material used, the unit case “Topas” is resistant to various kinds of deformation and corrosion.  Autonomous sewage “Topas” operates without loss of efficiency even at low temperatures (-25 ° – 30 ° C), which is beyond the power of many septic tanks and bio filters.  In order whatever to serve the autonomous sewage “Topas” there is no need to call a sewage truck. The user of the “Topas” installation can independently pump out the spent sludge from a special chamber “sludge collector” using a fecal pump or call the service team of the LLC “Topas Ukraine” company.

The autonomous sewage Topas – we have cared about the future and economized today

Table number 1. Spending on the purchase of local treatment facilities

 CesspoolSeptic with additional cleaningThe autonomous sewage Topas
The cost of equipment7-8 thousand UAH22 thousand UAH60 thousand UAH
Installation work7 thousand UAH25 thousand UAH25 thousand UAH
Purification efficiency30-40%60% To 98%
Service life3-5 years10 years< 50 years
Amount, UAH15 000 UAH47 000 UAH85 000 UAH

prices are as of November 2016

Arrangement of filtration field for septic tank
Installation of deep biological treatment TOPAS

Next, you should estimate the cost of treatment plants after five years of operation. Therefore, in the case of the acquisition of any septic, after 5 years you will have to replace the filtration field, since it is silted up. The cost of replacing the filter field is approximately equal to the cost of installing a new field. Due to the high cleaning efficiency, the local sewage treatment plants Topas do not need to install filtration fields. In addition to the costs of replacing the filtration field, it is also necessary to take into account the expenses for calling a sewage truck to empty the septic at least 2-3 times a year. In the operation of the Topas station there is no need to call a sewage truck. During the reporting period, the maintenance of the local sewage treatment plant of Topas should take into account the replacement of compressor membranes (once every 2-3 years) – approximately UAH 1500.

Table number 2. Spending on maintenance of local treatment facilities after 5 years of operation

 CesspoolSeptic with additional cleaningThe autonomous sewage Topas
Replacing the filter fieldNo filter field15 000 UAHNo filter field
Call of the sewage truck650 * 120 = 39 000 UAH (every 2 weeks)650 * 30 = 19 500 (every 2-3 months)Not required
Cleaning of the bottom part of the receiving tank / Pumping of excess sludge from the sludge sponge.A complete cleaning is required taking into account the petrified sedimentsA complete cleaning of the receiving chamber is required taking into account the petrified sediments.The process does not require special skills and can be performed independently
Replacement of compressor membranesNot requiredNot required1 500 UAH (once in 3 years)
Amount, UAH78 000 UAH34 500 UAH1 500 UAH


Comparing the costs of servicing the autonomous sewage system, septic and cesspool for 10 years of operation, it is obvious that it is several times more profitable to use the local treatment facilities TOPAS.  Both the septic tank and the cesspool need considerable financial investments, while giving way to autonomous sewage Topas such important features as efficiency, ease of operation and environmental safety.

Table 3. Spending on maintenance of local treatment facilities after 10 years of operation

 CesspoolSeptic with additional cleaningThe autonomous sewage Topas
Replacing aeration elements on aeratorsNot requiredNot required1 250 UAH
Compressor replacement, replacement of compressor membranesNot requiredNot required(1 500*3) + 5 000=9 500 UAH
Replacing the filtering fieldNo filtering field15 000*2=30 000 UAHNo filtering field
Call of the sewage truck650 * 240 = 78 000 UAH (every 2 weeks)650 * 60 = 39 000 (every 2-3 months)Not required
Amount, UAH156 000 UAH69 000 UAH10 750 UAH

If you equip the sewage in the house or the cottage, it is necessary to understand clearly that the period of operation depends on the equipment you choose and the period during which you plan to operate this equipment.

From all above that we said, we conclude – look to the future, calculate the costs, choose the efficient independent sewage systems “TOPAS” and do not overpay for unnecessary equipment. 

Any questions?